Story: The Aenar
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2005

As the new alliance between the four races begins, it is discovered that the Romulan ship is being controlled by an Andorian sub-species of pacifists and telepaths known as the Aenar, who are rarely seen by the Andorians. Shran and Archer make a journey to find the Aenar on Andoria, in order to find out any more information about the Aenar controlling that ship. They find blind telepaths, only one of which is willing to help them.
She successfully uses their telepath machine to connect to her brother, the Aenar captured and being used by the Romulans, and he stops the ships dead, and Enterprise is able to destroy them, but he dies in the process.

It is pretty straightforward, but it was decent. It is unfortunate that the Federation Unity storyline gets almost entirely lost in this one, the writer chose to focus almost entirely on Andorians, the Aenar, and their society and homeworld. I like all this stuff so I won’t discount the episode...I was definitely interested. I just think as a trilogy goes, not a strong conclusion for all the themes started in “Babel One.”

Well made episode with lots of interesting stuff, but missing that element needed to properly conclude this trilogy of episodes. Oh, and Trip finds working with T’Pol a little too hard now, and he requests to be transferred to Columbia.

NEXT TIME: Beginnings a Fleet