Two Enterprises

Story: E2
Written By: Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Almost every Trek series has done an episode like this. And every Trek series that has done so probably did it better. Actually...with the exception of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” most of them were either average or bad. They are just silly alternate timeline stories that tend to have less meaning since they are wrapped up with the “it never really happened” conclusion. “Children of Time” on DS9 at least dealt with the issue of whether or not to wipe out this alternate history. “Yesterday’s Enterprise” gave Tasha Yar a meaningful death as opposed to her original death by the Tar-Monster. “Timeless” sucked ass.
So if you’d like to see some alternate future of Enterprise and junk then go for it, watch this episode. But I guarantee you’ve seen it elsewhere on Trek...and it feels tired and familiar. I could care less about this pointless alternate future crew, and I could care less about this episode...which is probably why I forgot the bulk of it.

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