Convincing Some Xindi

Story: The Forgotten
Written By: Chris Black & David A. Goodman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Dealing with the death of crewmembers, Enterprise is soon contacted by some members of the Xindi Council, who have their doubts that humans are all they’ve been said to be. At the same time T’Pol learns that she may have to deal with less control over her emotions for a while to come, and Tucker struggles to write a letter to the parents of one of the deceased...and continues to have issues sleeping.
It is a solid end to what was essentially a trilogy, starting with “Azati Prime” and continued in “Damage”. This was three well made episodes in a row, and quite frankly...they should have been near the beginning of the season...and maybe even concluded the Xindi arc...maybe two more episodes could have given it a solid conclusion...I think this arc had like 7 or 8 episodes worth of material...they tried to stretch it out to 24 episodes. You could feel the padding, luckily here you do not.

So the third episode of this trilogy within the season long arc are about the peak of what the Xindi-storyline was really capable of, and this is a definite strong installment to the series. Recommended.

NEXT TIME: Future NX-01