Ezral and Liana

Story: Oasis
Written By: Stephen Beck
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

This episode is pretty much a rehash of a DS9 episode, “Shadowplay”…hell it even has Rene Auberjonois. It has Enterprise finding a crashed ship on a deserted planet, only to find the ship has a colony of people. Turns out all the people are holograms except for Ezral (Auberjonois) and his daughter. The only difference between the two episodes is that this one isn’t as good…and “Shadowplay” is only average by DS9 standards…so this one being average by Enterprise standards makes it exponentially less entertaining.
I did enjoy having a DS9 actor appearing, but it just wasn’t enough to make this episode worthwhile, especially when “Shadowplay” is already out there. So skip this one, if you want to see what this story can be, watch the DS9 episode instead.

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