Andorians and Vulcans

Story: Cease Fire
Written By: Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Andorians and Vulcans have long battled over this terraformed Class D Planet. Shran calls for Archer by name to help end the situation, having had good involvements with him and Vulcan situations before.
We have a solid situation, a reasonable plot (Archer as Arbiter reminds me of when Picard was chosen to help pick a new Chancellor for the makes sense in context really), and having both Soval and Shran with Archer trying to come to a compromise actually works well. I really liked the conversation between Archer and Phlox about what this ship might really be out there for. Too bad it doesn’t really focus on would have been great dialogue and everything.

Unfortunately not all Andorians or Vulcans want a compromise, and there lends to the well conceived drama. This episode doesn’t really entirely accomplish what it sets out to do though...I would’ve liked the episode to be a two-parter really, to continue on after the fire fight ending to actually show the tough negotiations at work. Shame that this series decided to always choose the action ending over the dramatic ending.

Interestingly, I often side with the Andorians on Enterprise. Vulcans are total assholes on this series, often to the point where they seem illogical. Shran is the man character Enterprise produced, it would have been great if the series had gotten a fifth season, because it was hinted that Shran would become a main cast member...that would’ve been excellent. We only get the last scene really...which has a lovely moment of a drink to their mutual dissatisfaction.

My final verdict would be that the episode is strong by Enterprise’s standards, but it has issues I feel TNG or DS9 would’ve avoided.

NEXT TIME: Tholians