Shran’s Assistance

Story: Proving Ground
Written By: Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Oh...Shran! How I love Jeffrey Combs, and his performance as Shran is just as good as his characters contributed to DS9 (Weyoun and Brunt). Sadly, he is the most interesting and absolute best character on Enterprise...shame he only has 10 appearances. He was the breakout of this series in the same way Quark or Data or Worf or Spock were the breakouts of their respective series. Here Combs/Shran really breathes entertaining life into this season which started off promising but quickly fell into “Meandering Mode.”
So Shran and his ship make their way into the expanse to help Enterprise on their mission. Which would be fantastic if they actually stuck around for the rest of the season...but unlike the DS9 crew, these writers don’t know what to do with recurring characters, and Shran and the Andorians don’t reappear until the finale of the season. Lame.

All in all, solid episode thanks yet again to the fantastic work of Jeffrey Combs. He manages to make this episode seem like something interesting going on, even when they cut back to the Xindi and you reminded just how bland and uninteresting they always are.

NEXT TIME: Xindi Mastermind