Story: Future’s End, Part II
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

So it’s a battle of the witless between Starling and the Voyager crew. I really hate characters with inconsistent motives, and Starling has just that. His whole entire plan is to go to the future to get more technology for his company to release as his own (a plan that is so obvious it pains me how long it took Janeway to figure it out) yet when confronted with the possibility that his actions will kill millions INCLUDING HIMSELF. He claims he doesn’t care. YOUR DUMB PLAN IS BOTH TOO OVERUSED AND CONTINGENT ON YOUR SAFE RETURN. How could he NOT CARE if he lives to see his plan out? That defeats the point of the plan! This guy is an idiot!
I didn’t care for this two parter at all. It had too many rehashed plot devices, plot holes, and pointless plot padding scenes. For example, what the hell was up with the pointless anti-government redneck guys that were easily defeated? Or how about Captain Braxton suddenly showing up at the end to save the day? He doesn’t become the homeless guy now? Starling just dies? Voyager is forced to go RIGHT BACK TO WHERE THEY LEFT OFF? This show always manages to clean things up so they don’t have any lasting effects. Lame. The one positive is the lasting impact of Starling giving the Doctor his mobile emitter, which allows him to finally stretch beyond just the sickbay.

This episode was just as bad as the first if not worse.

NEXT TIME: Kes Possessed by a Rebel