Story: Sacred Ground
Written By: Lisa Klink
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

Kes disrupts a shrine on an alien world, she is put into a coma, but the culture on the planet refuses to help as they feel she is being punished for sacrilege. Janeway decides to go through a ritual in order to find a cure for Kes’ condition.
The episode TRIES to showcase a conflict between science and faith, but most of it just falls flat. It is boring and slow and for a good chunk of it you feel like it is going nowhere. There are plenty of slower episodes in the canon of Trek, but many can successfully build up to something and have a lot more to say. I think this one tried, but it just didn’t do it for me.

It also once again showcases many of the flaws of Voyager. The characters are not easy to relate to. Janeway doesn’t come off as likable or even consistent. She is stubborn when the story needs her to be, and she is lackadaisical when the story wants her to be. Here I find she just doesn’t have a strong enough character base built up at this point to make her “change” at the episode hold a lot of meaning. I also tire of characters being in a near-death-with-barely-any-hope situation. It has happened in this series far too often, not to mention the many times on TNG and even a few on DS9. It is such a lame and tired plot device by this point I just rolled my eyes.

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