Henry Starling

Story: Future’s End
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

Some weirdo from the 29th century shows up out of nowhere and claims Voyager is part of some future explosion and must be destroyed.

1) His plan is ridiculous.
2) He could easily be causing the very explosion he claims he is trying to prevent
3) It leads Voyager to be caught in a time stream and sent back to 1996, thus starting the very chain of events the moron from the future wished to prevent (see #2).
So I don’t get it, did they totally wipe out time travel mechanics in Starfleet by the 29th century? Voyager’s crew is now in 1996, and despite getting a vague warning about causing some time-explosion in the past, they decide to GO DOWN TO EARTH. There they meet Henry Starling (played by Ed Begley, Jr.) a millionaire who made his fortune creating computer technology from the technology he salvaged from the very time ship that came to destroy Voyager. They also find the captain that tried to kill them, he is now homeless and a madman, and they let the cops take care of him so he can not derail their plot too much. It all eventually leads to a cliffhanging showdown in which Starling downloads information from Voyager and disrupts its functions, causing it to be caught on video camera in the Earth’s atmosphere…duh duh DAH!

It is filled with time travel plot holes so big you want to yell at Braga and Menosky for an hour, but at least if you turn off your brain it moves well and lacks the usual overbearing technobabble. It seems to get very high praise from the production team, but then again they tend to only praise the crap in Voyager (and later Enterprise) and find disappointment in many of their stronger episodes….go figure.