Story: False Profits
Written By: George A. Brozak & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

TNG once made an episode called “The Price”. If you remember my review of that, or can find it in the archives you can see I wasn’t a huge fan. It was a lame episode. But even at its best it was only going to be average. I can’t see many people popping it on their Top Ten lists NOR do I think they would be many clamoring for a sequel. But with the good ship Voyager wandering aimlessly through the Delta Quadrant where the two Ferengi from that episode supposedly ended up, and DS9 having proved that the Ferengi were redeemable…the folks behind Voyager decided to give their crack of the whip on a Ferengi-focused episode.
Unfortunately the results are as expected. They don’t really do anything new or interesting with the Ferengi (yea they love profit, we know…but DS9 had already begun to dig deeper with that chestnut so you’ll have to try harder) and it doesn’t really have a decent plot that hadn’t already been done elsewhere better (“Who Watches the Watchers” is a far better example of the consequences of interfering with a pre-industrial society). Then it goes even further to punch Voyager fans I nthe gut by once again giving them an easy way to get home but managing to have some minor problem fuck it all up so they gotta keep on trucking.

When all is said and done I can’t recommend this episode, it just feels uninspired, especially after the previous episode was so good.

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