Story: Coda
Written By: Jeri Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

I could possibly rant for a long time about what I hated about just the near death experience Janeway has early in the episode. Their shuttle crash lands and it is total cliché-town as Chakatoy yells “Breathe dammit!” and “don’t you die on my now!” before she is miraculously revived and he says “you gave me quite a scare, don’t do that to me again!” It is such tripe. You wonder if people actually say this when giving CPR, if they would really yell at people instead of focusing on the task at hand. Not to mention the fact that when the writing is this lame and overused…the actor just phones it in. As a result I wasn’t once worried Janeway might die. She’s the lead! Not a chance. Add in that we are only 2 minutes into the program and I am already bored by the complete silliness of the whole proceedings.
Then we get all sorts of hallucinations and constant cheats and obviously false scenarios, Mulgrew overacts a couple death scenes, then overacts many other scenes, and then the episode ends with tons of questions lingering, plot holes galore, and an ending that feels forced and falls flat.

Typical Voyager garbage, though it annoyed me more seeing as this season had started to have decent episodes and almost seemed like it was consistently okay (maybe it was never great but it was definitely not as agonizing to watch as previous seasons had been). Big step back.