Severed from the Link

Story: Unity
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

“Unity” is the first real Borg episode of Voyager, and the first Borg appearance since the film “Star Trek: First Contact” came out (TNG film reviews to follow Voyager reviews). I have to say that this episode totally continues the trend of nothing but good Borg episodes. It has fascinating ideas, raises some interesting questions (that unlike “Coda” I actually admired going unanswered), and has some decent characters and action.
Much like “I, Borg”, it is a smaller Borg episode, with little action and bringing up a lot of questions about what can happen when severed from the Borg for a long time. Essentially Chakotay is scouting this expanse for a faster route through, and answers a distress call. What he finds there are some former Borg who have been severed from the collective link, and as a result have gained back their independence.

I don’t need to go point by point and scene by scene, but the episode is pretty damn good, not just by Voyager standards but by the standards Trek had set during the peak of TNG. I appreciated the thought provoking questions, and liked the ambiguous nature of the former Borg…whether they truly were good or bad or if they could maintain being decent people with such powers…it was a lot of great things to think about.

The Borg have yet to disappoint, I wonder if Voyager’s reputation of overusing them could eventually truly be the undoing of such a great alien race.

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