Vulcan Disease

Story: Blood Fever
Written By: Jeri Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

So Ensign Vorik, a Vulcan in engineering, is experiencing Pon Farr, and he chooses B’Elanna as a mate. She refuses his offer and he gets a little freaked out. He has infected her with Pon Farr, a rather rare occurrence of the Vulcan blood burning. She begins to show the symptoms on an away mission and things get a little weird.
Mostly the episode is decent, especially considering it is covering territory TOS already covered in full. I think the performances are good, and it gives the first hints of a Paris-Torres relationship, one which will undoubtedly be explored judging by the ending of this episode (and by knowledge of things to come on my part).

The episode also has a nice little teaser of things to come at the tail end, when Chakotay shows Janeway the corpse of a Borg on the planet surface…clearly they are nearing Borg space. It was a decent little teaser, and it would leave you wondering for weeks if they didn’t encounter the Borg the very next week (which they do).

I liked this one, it could’ve been better, but knowing this shows track record it could’ve been a lot worse. I thought the performances of the whole cast were pretty solid. I swear if every episode had very few speaking lines from Janeway and just focused on everyone else we’d be golden.

NEXT TIME: An Abandoned Cube