Story: Alter Ego
Written By: Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

An interesting, if not mostly average, episode. Kim has fallen in love with a holodeck character, and he goes to Tuvok to purge his emotions. Tuvok tries to help but becomes interested in the character himself. I liked that this episode made an effort to make Tuvok more interested by the character of Marayna than actually in love.
It is eventually discovered to be some lonely alien controlling the character and the ship itself and endangering the crew purely for companionship, specifically with Tuvok. It has some decent ideas, some good Tuvok stuff, but it never becomes a classic or has anything new to offer.

It did have the completely inane line from Paris in which he states to Harry that everyone has fallen for a hologram….REALLY? EVERYONE? I find it completely sad, creepy, and ridiculous that in the 24th century plenty of folks just get enamored by holo-generated characters.

Watchable, passable, but ultimately unrewarding.

NEXT TIME: Janeway in the Afterlife