Story: Revulsion
Written By: Lisa Klink
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

I must be watching the wrong show. Yet ANOTHER solid episode for Season Four. If this keeps up its bound to be the best season of the series. I mean these episodes aren’t even just good by Voyager standards, they are genuinely enjoyable, well performed, and well written stories, that I could easily sit through like other Trek outings.
This one involves a hologram pleading for help. Naturally the Doctor’s interest is peaked. Unfortunately when they get there they soon find out that this hologram isn’t the only survivor of a ship due to illness...he is unstable, is repulsed by biological beings, and murdered the whole crew. The performance of the guest star is really great. The performance from Dawson is also pretty solid, and Picardo (as always) delivers yet another solid performance. Any Doctor focused episode is bound to be good.

The B-story involves Harry and Seven working on plans for a new astrometric lab, while Harry deals with his new crush on Seven. It isn’t all that interesting, but its screen time is limited and its execution is decent enough.

I’m really surprised by the consistent level of quality so far this season.

NEXT TIME: Seven Hears the Collective