Story: The Raven
Written By: Bryan Fuller and Harry Doc Kloor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

At this point I am convinced that what the series truly needed was Seven of Nine. I mean all the Trek series had that breakout character that proved to be surprisingly popular with fans...Spock, Data, Quark...and now Seven. Now along with some of the series likable characters (The Doctor, Tuvok, and occasionally Tom and B’elanna), we get this very likable character thrown into the mix, who now creates new kinds of relationships with this crew.
Anyhow this episode features Seven hearing the Borg, and feeling that she is being called back to the Collective. She attacks some crew members, steals a shuttle and heads back to Borg space. She heads to Borg space through this area of space occupied by a group of aliens Voyager was attempting to negotiate with. Voyager wanted to cut through there space, they were making it more difficult. These aliens, by the way, are annoying and have idiotic costumes and are exactly what I expect from this series. But despite having annoying aliens that look dumb and a rather generic action plot...I still found myself able to enjoy this episode for the most part. We also get background on Seven as she discovers not the Borg but a crashed and partially assimilated Federation ship with a homing beacon going off...and its the very ship she was assimilated on.

Maybe I’ve been worn down by the series and anything seems tolerable, or maybe it finally and legitimately found its feet. I know that it doesn’t last to the bitter end of the series since I know how the show ends, but it is nice for the moment to be watching an enjoyable Trek series.

NEXT TIME: Experimenting on the Crew