Story: Unforgettable
Written By: Greg Elliot and Michael Perricone
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Voyager brings on a woman who claims to have been on board the ship before, and had a relationship with Chakotay, but her species has some sort of memory fade thing where you forget ever having met them when they leave. It is a far out concept, but the episode is interesting and nice enough. At the very least it didn’t end in a generic and boring action sequence.
The crew actually prove she isn’t lying for some other means, but someone comes to erase her memory and bring her home, because no one is aloud to leave their planet.. Which is fucked up, but whatever, I don’t live there.

Again, the episode is pretty average, but it could’ve been worse, they could’ve proven that she was lying all along for some evil reason and had some generic chase and phaser fight scene that resulted in either her death or her escape. Luckily it actually went with the more quiet and subtle approach. I’ll give them credit where I can.

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