Just Seven and the Doctor

Story: One
Written By: Jeri Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Most of the cast is out for this one, as they go into stasis chambers for the bulk of the episode, instead the episode focuses on only Seven and the Doctor. This is of course FANTASTIC news to anyone who gets tired of the rest of this mediocre cast. So the two strongest characters share the focus, and we see Seven struggling to deal with being mostly alone during the month it takes to travel through a nebula (that has radiation and will burn the crew alive, hence the stasis).
Jeri Ryan does a good job of dealing with Seven’s panic in the situation, and the story is interesting and has a wonderful bit of WTF moments as Seven hallucinates in her panic. She was once many, now she is one. It is even a concept I get. Sometimes they make up fears for an episode and you don’t really buy it, but this time the fear fits in perfectly with the character.

Good episode, after “Demon" I’m glad to have something good to watch.

NEXT TIME: Hope for the Federation