Star Trek: Voyager - Season 3 Recap

At least Season Two, which was still not a tremendous step up from the first season, attempted to have a running arc and focus its story towards moving Voyager along. Season Three has no real arc, no significant advances for characters (with the exception of the Doctor who continues his attempts to better himself as a more human physician). There is a small running plot of Torres and Paris slowly developing a relationship. But mostly it is just a mixed bag of average and terrible episodes, with just a few gems thrown in here and there.

I can’t believe this series was able to keep so many Trek fans watching throughout its run. Hell I’ve seen plenty of people online who seem to love it. With what I’ve seen so far, and of what I know of subsequent seasons, I can’t see why. What I loved about Trek, science-fiction wise, was that it was based on real science and real projected science, not just any fantasy to wander into a writers head. And throughout the original series, the films, TNG, and DS9 writers were able to adhere to this idea...slipping occasionally. But with Voyager it has just plain made up science and fantasy that makes little sense in the Trek universe. Science was thrown out for just silly nonsense.

I read that Season Three was the year Voyager came into its own. If this is true then it’s own is horrendous. The Borg element was introduced, and quite frankly that was the best part of this season.

So Season Three...yikes. I can’t say I liked it. I liked “Unity” and “Scorpion” a few other ones, but the characters have not grown and they are more grating than charming and each episode was a crapshoot in the quality department....and mostly it was gonna be crap.

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