Living Backwards

Story: Before and After
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

A nice concept and a focus on one of the better characters in this show make this confusing premise work, but there are still Voyager standard problem to deal with. There are some plot holes, though not as many as usual. There are unrealistic plot points, like Neelix not only becoming a security officer at all...but seemingly the CHIEF Security Officer on the ship...yeah...right...him. There are casting problems like the little kid playing Kes’s grandson, he is just plain awful. Mulgrew is barely in this episode ‘til the end yet she still tries to ham up every brief scene she is in with big deliveries and faces clearly mugging to the camera.
But there is enough to like about this one. It gives a glimpse of where Voyager could end up, it foreshadows “The Year of Hell” which becomes a two-part episode in the following season, and it gives Kes a new haircut which is a less frumpy and more kinda good lookin.

This episode isn’t perfect, but it is certainly better than some of previous Voyager outings.

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