Nazi Hirogen

Story: The Killing Game, Part II
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

No better or worse than the first half of this story, this episode sees a continuation of the crew of Voyager attempting to break control of the Hirogen’s game in the holodeck. It really doesn’t do much beyond that. If you liked the first part, you will probably be equally pleased with the second half.
I think they are well executed by Voyager standards, but I’m mostly neutral on them. I think the premise is too big and the damage done to Voyager is too big to ignore. Theres NO WAY they could fix up the ship without a Starbase, but the nearest starbase is 60 years away. Its so lazy of these writers (especially THESE TWO writers) to just ignore the biggest plot point of this whole series on a regular basis. Voyager is without contact with Starfleet, therefore it can’t get repairs, can’t get Earth food supply, and it can’t get new shuttles. But these simple rules implemented by very writers that constantly break them were just too hard to follow.

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