The Recruit

Story: Nemesis
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

This episode feels more average. Unlike the previous episodes of this season it isn’t as strong in the story or character department, but unlike previous episodes in previous seasons it isn’t that unbearable either. It involves Chakotay on the surface of a planet (for no real reason I could fathom) getting roped into helping the underdog fighters and their viscous enemy that indiscriminately kills. He quickly begins to side with these people and slowly begins to want to help their cause.
Voyager is trying to find Chakotay while negotiating (no idea why they are having these negotiations...oh well) with some ambassadors in this war. But a twist comes when we discover that the underdog Voyager is communicating with is actually the viscous enemy from Chakotay’s perspective.

It is an okay episode that deals with the horrors of war and the tactics people will sink too. I think DS9 dealt with these issues much better and more often, and there are a lot of plot holes and issues that bothered me, but it wasn’t the worst of the Voyager canon. It also once again destroyed a shuttle. How many freaking shuttles could Voyager have? They got destroyed, terribly damaged or lost so often...yet they seem to have an endless supply (despite being lightyears from any Federation outpost or supplier).

Turn your brain off, this one is passable. But not nearly as strong as the last few episodes.

NEXT TIME: Isomorph