Peaceful Punishment

Story: Random Thoughts
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

Oh maybe I expected too much of Voyager too soon. Lucky even its average and tired stories like this feel more like when TNG would get average and retread to a well worn plot device. In previous seasons this episode would feel far more incompetent.
Essentially on a planet of peaceful telepaths, Torres is taken into custody for having violent thoughts when they accidentally cause a telepath to go rogue and attack someone. There is of course an investigation by Tuvok to see if she is truly to blame, which of course she isn’t (well not entirely), and there is a ticking clock element with Torres going to have her violent thoughts purged from her memory by some laser lobotomy (which is of course stopped in the nick of time).

The episode feels routine, there is nothing too special about it. I just feel like through both Voyager and TNG, we’ve just seen too many episodes like this before.