Shuffled Off

Story: Mortal Coil
Written By: Bryan Fuller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

There is a lot I find wrong with just the premise of this episode. First, its a Neelix focused episode, so that is enough for me to hate it. Second, you can’t tease me with Neelix’s death and then bring him back, that is just cruel. Third, they use Borg technology in order to bring him back to life, which seems like a compromise no one would really make, especially considering how hard they’ve worked to un-Borg Seven. So I have issues with the very premise that gets this episode going.
So Neelix is brought back to life and he quickly feels empty, as his long held beliefs of the afterlife are tarnished when he is brought back from death after 18 hours and found nothing. So after deliberation and plenty of thought, Neelix makes plans to kill himself, as he can’t live with himself with this knowledge of his lie. Again it is cruel to tease us with such hope. Neelix is talked out of it and lives. Still.

I have to give Ethan Phillips credit, he does a good job with the material, despite the fact that I mostly despise his character and the idea that people really like him. But least theirs an atheist message to it!

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