Most Powerful Substance

Story: The Omega Directive
Written By: Lisa Klink
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

This episode is dumb. I have a hard time buying that Starfleet created some silly directive that in the case that any ship comes in contact with this certain “molecule” in space (or just near it in any way) that it would force the ship to an all-stop until it gets this molecule and destroys it. This is just goofy. It is even goofier to think that the plan is only to be known by the Captain. But Janeway breaks that protocol, tells the whole crew, and they help her. It seems unlikely she could have done any of it on her own, based on what was done by the crew.
Then you get Seven who sees the molecule known as Omega as a sort of God. You get a bit conflict that goes nowhere, yet another scene in which Seven gets annoyed with Janeway and Janeway gets annoyed with Seven over differences of position, and eventually Seven gives into Janeway because Janeway always gets to win because her name is first in the credits.

I just never bought the premise on any level.

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