Story: Favorite Son
Written By: Lisa Klink
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1997

I’m no scientist, but this show can’t even fool me with its complete nonsensical genetic psuedo-science. Kim finds out he may be the part of some Delta Quadrant race, and the genetics implanted in his bizarre birth are beckoning him to his homeworld. That makes little to no sense, but everyone buys it...then its discovered that the race, being primarily female, just inject guys with this virus (mind control virus?) to extract genetic material from them and kill them. This plan is ludicrous, and the way it works along with the still completely silly and wrong science make this episode hard to stomach. Then all the solutions are just plain too easy for the crew to be reset to normal yet again. This show has no consequences ever, it makes it all feel so pointless.
Kim is useless, TNG era writers have no idea how to write and portray sex in this time period, and the science is bad and wrong and just upsets me, considering how strong the science and technology had been from TOS thru TNG (DS9 mostly focused on character stories and less on scientific ones). This series just annoys me with its laziness.

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