Sleep of Reason

Story: Waking Moments
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Oh good Voyager is settling with doing new versions of old TNG stories. This time is a variation on “Night Terrors”, “Schisms”, and “Phantasms”. So yeah...the crew is experiencing nightmares, this time caused by an alien menace.
This time the menace is a group of aliens that are always sleeping and attack other beings through their dreams. I have to give the episode credit, it executes its idea rather well, which from its well-worn Trek premise I really didn’t expect. It has a few too many fake outs, but it mostly worked. It even had a nice characters scene at the very end, one I didn’t roll my eyes at.

I’d say give this one a shot, it is certainly better than its boring premise might suggest.

NEXT TIME: The Doctor gets sent to the Alpha Quadrant