Voyager’s War Crimes

Story: Living Witness
Written By: Bryan Fuller and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

700 years in the future, a museum is running simulations on what they call the Warship Voyager and its evil misdeeds upon their race. The simulations paint the Voyager crew like Mirror Universe counterparts. I have to admit that the only difference between simulated Janeway and real Janeway is that the real Janeway is a homicidal maniac with a smile. That’s my opinion anyway.
Anyhow one of the museum curators discovers a back-up version of the Doctor, who is shocked to see the revisionist history this race of people has created in the 700 years that have passed. At first the curator dismisses the Doctor outright, but he begins to think about it and has to fully investigate the Doctor’s point of view. But this leads to disputes from one side of the former conflict as to the validity of the Doctor’s word, while the other side wishes to hear him out. It leads to an out and out brawl between the two races with the Doctor caught in the middle.

It is interesting to note that while the regular cast does appear, no one is playing their actual part. The closest someone comes to actually playing their regular character is Picardo, but even he is a back-up of the Doctor found seven centuries in the future, not the real thing.

It is actually a decent episode, once again due to the rock that is Robert Picardo. The man really is the strongest aspect of the show, with Seven as a close second. The episode was also a welcome relief to the onslaught of mediocre to bad episodes that took over after such a strong start.

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