After the Fact

Story: Ex Post Facto
Written By: Evan Carlos Somers and Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

This episode takes us right back off course of the getting home story. After Deep Space Nine began to show that arcs could work in Star Trek, why not take it further with this show? But instead they go back to the episodic format, which already had 10 years of stories (in TOS and TNG combined).
Anyhow, this episode isn’t terrible. It has some interesting ideas, but the lack of decent characters in this series makes it harder to get into. Paris is accused of murder, and it is up to the crew of Voyager, namely Tuvok, to disprove the facts given from both the wife of the murdered man and the dying mans very own last visions.

It is a decent murder mystery with a nice twist.

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