The Final Chapter

Story: Penumbra
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

Right off the bat there is a tone that things are on their way to finishing up. Two main storylines are in this first episode of the so-called “final chapter” of DS9. First we have Sisko who has purchased land on Bajor, we’re he plans to build a house when the war ends. He also wants it to be Kassidy’s house, and he proposes. They’d like a simple wedding, but that is not going to happen: he is the emissary.
The other is Dax and Worf. Worf was commanding a Bird of prey when it was attacked by Jem’Hadar and destroyed. Now they have found some escape pods, but not all. Worf is still missing. Dax is a bit worried about him, and even goes to their old quarters when the Defiant calls off their search. She looks as she remembers her memories of being Jadzia and loving Worf. It brings her to a decision, and she steals a runabout. She heads into the badlands and finds the pod, and saves Worf, but soon he goes back to distancing himself from her.

Before you know it they are attacked by Jem’Hadar and have to abandon ship. On the surface of the planet them beam to they argue some more before succumbing to doing the Klingon nasty. Oh shit. It seems like Ezri kinda regrets it later. They are found by some Breen, who attack and capture them. The question is why?

In a smaller story we have the Dominion, it has been clear since their alliance began that the Dominion and Cardassians don’t really get along all that well. Damar has become pretty much a loser alcoholic by this point, just drinking while he plays second banana to Weyoun. He finally gets promoted past being Dukat’s little follower and he has to play Weyoun’s little follower. Anyhow Dukat returns to Cardassia and asks for Damar’s help. He gets surgery…and now he looks Bajoran. He clearly has something sinister up his sleeve. Also the disease infecting the Founder is only getting worse, and the Vorta are having no luck in producing a cure.

The final scene has Sisko visited by the Sarah-prophet, who tells him not to marry Kassidy and that she cannot walk his path. He is also told that he is about to embark on a great trial, and if he marries Kassidy…well he will know nothing but sorrow.

I think it is clear that this is like the opener of the final arc. It is well written and sets up most of the storylines we are going to be following in the next 8 episodes. I even liked Ezri in this one, especially considering how much I did not like her previously. Good start to a solid end.

NEXT TIME: Sisko Marries Kassidy