A Wormhole to Home

Story: Eye of the Needle
Written By: Bill Dial and Jeri Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

This episode is actually rather decent. Voyager discovers a wormhole that leads to the Alpha Quadrant. This show should have stayed focus on the problem at hand, getting home.
The problem at first seems to be that the wormhole is just too small to fit Voyager through. But then they think maybe relaying a message could still fit through. They manage to connect to a Romulan ship. There is some technobabble that means they could maybe test transporting people to the Alpha Quadrant. Unfortunately they can’t, the wormhole also is a rift into the past.

For Voyager, it is a powerful episode. It hits the right notes this show should hit more often. Unfortunately it doesn’t go there too often.

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