Story: Strange Bedfellows
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

So the Breen are now in alliance with the Dominion, but in making the deal the Dominion were very happy to give away Cardassian terriotires and consessions. It’s easy to give away things in negotiations when it’s not yours to give. Damar’s drinking makes sense now. He is a shell of a man, and it turns out that he has a conscience. It is not like when they tried to humanize Dukat. I don’t want Dukat to seem like a nice guy, he is the villain. But Damar is just this guy. He may have some different morals to humans or the Federation, but I don’t think he is all bad.
Meanwhile we have the weird relationship begun between Winn and Dukat. When she has a vision from the pah-wraiths in which they reveal themselves to her, she is freaked out. She wishes to contact the Prophets and explain herself and ask forgiveness, but the Orb does not work. She cannot hear them. She even calls up Kira for advice. Winn says she’d do anything to hear the prophets. Kira suggests that she changes her ways and give up her lust for power, and while Winn initially agrees she relents when Kira suggest she step down as Kai.

Winn as a villain has always been good. She isn’t so much evil or insane like Dukat, but she has always been misguided. She wants power, but her intentions aren’t really evil. She has a lust for power; she wants to be the center of attention. But as a Vedek she was never taken seriously for her more traditional views, and as Kai she has always had to share the spotlight with Sisko. I like that she has finally snapped, why continue to be sidelined in her lust for power, her misguided tragedy continues.

Then we have Worf and Ezri, who are sentenced to death by Cardassia. There is a great moment where Worf kills Weyoun, and even though you know (as Damar quickly points out) that they will just make another, his death is actually still shocking. People usually don’t die so easily in Trek, especially major characters. So Ezri and Dax await execution, fail to escape once, and then are ready to be taken to their death by Damar and two Jem’Hadar. Then Damar shoots the two Jem’Hadar. He has decided to descend against the Dominion. It is pretty sweet.

So Worf and Ezri are heading home, and Winn and Dukat plan to embrace the Pah-Wraiths. This final arc is so good.

NEXT TIME: Breen Take Action on the Federation