Old Ford Truck in Space

Story: The 37's
Written By: Jeri Taylor & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

What a crock. This is just a terrible episode, no doubt in my mind. I mean they find some old truck, everyone talks about how ancient it is and then they head down to the planet to find Amelia Earhart? Give me a break.
There are dumb situations like a guy pulling a gun on them and they immediately give up their phasers…STUN HIM ASSHOLES! Or beam out of there before he can even think of shooting. But they act helpless just so they can have a cliché hostage situation. Lame. Then you get little details like the navigator. Earhart is dressed up like iconic Earhart. Leather Flight Jacket, Plaid shirt…but then her navigator is wearing a ‘30s suit and tie. IF HE WAS IN A PLANE WHY ISN’T HE DRESSED FOR IT? Because the writing, the costumes, the story, the characters, and the productions team work poorly together. Nobody thinks too hard; just make an episode of Star Trek so I can take home my paycheck.

Then the ends, they find out this planet has a peaceful human civilization (who greet them by shooting at the Voyager crew…) and they invite anyone who wants to live on the planet with them. I don’t buy the end where absolutely no one decides to stay. Its supposed to be inspirational but it is just another lame contrivance that I can’t convince myself it is realistic.

Terrible idea to even bring a conclusion to Amelia Earhart, but beyond that it is still just a bad, bad episode. Terrible way to begin the new season.