It Pours

Story: When It Rains...
Written By: René Echevarria & Spike Steingasser
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

Sisko sends Kira, Garak, and Odo to help Damar in building his resistance, because many Cardassians would not follow Kira in her Bajoran uniform, she is given a Starfleet Commission. Obviously the Cardassians butt heads with Kira.
Gowron comes to the station to honor Martok with the Order of Kahless. The honor is bittersweet when Gowron also informs Martok he will be taking over the command of the Klingon troops. Obviously Gowron is jealous of Martok being known as a hero of their people, and he wants the glory all to himself. Unfortunately Gowron (he’s a politician, he’s only Chancellor because Worf killed Duras when you think about it) has little experience as a soldier, and his tactics are already looking bad.

In the Winn/Dukat story, Dukat gets tired of being left out of Winn’s studies of the text, and decides to have a look at it himself, but is blinded in the process. Winn gets her revenge on him for being the Occupation, making love to her, lying, pushing her to the point of killing her loyal servant, and generally being a dick…by throwing him out on his ass. Now he has to be a blind beggar.

Bashir discovers that Odo has been infected with the Founders disease. He is having trouble getting files from Starfleet Medical in order to try and find a cure, they claim its because they don’t want the cure getting into the hands of the enemy. When Sisko gets the files for Bashir, he realizes they may have been faked. Eventually he comes to the determination of when Odo was infected, and it was on Earth: Section 31 may be behind the whole disease.

It is a solid episode, plenty going on lots to take in. I’d say that this episode is just furthering the story. A lot of things happen but I won’t say it was the most exciting effort, but it was important.

NEXT TIME: Great Men Have Power Thrust Upon Them