Star Trek: Voyager - Season 1 Recap

So the first season of this spin-off is pretty much like all first seasons. It is a season that is somewhat rocky, shaky, and it has a feeling of trying to find its feet.

The problem really lies in the writing though. The cast finding its feet in the first season is completely understandable, but the writing is just old hat. The stories aren’t new; they are barely interesting most of the time. Most of these writers had been doing a show like Voyager for 7 years. The TNG writing staff sort of went two ways at the end, some joined up with the writing staff of DS9, some started up Voyager. The cats doing Voyager had no focus; it was as if no one was speaking to each other.

The stories don’t flow, the plots are weak, and the beginning of what would remain a problem throughout the series started right here: no progress. There are a few opportunities in this season to just slightly shorten the 75-year trip home, but none of the opportunities are taken, or they don’t work, or they are just forgotten. Why? Shaving a few weeks off of 75 years still gives this series enough time to continue the show for 7 years.

The reason is that the writers and producers had no interest in advancing the show forward. Just make it a week-to-week episodic show. The characters don’t need to grow and the crew doesn’t need to get closer to home. Then why even give the show a plot? Just to give us a reason to do new aliens instead of Klingons? Too bad we know that doesn’t even last, the Borg eventually take over the show.

The only character of real interest is the Doctor. He takes an idea from the second season of TNG, a growing thinking sentient hologram, and they run with it. Beyond that, very little original ideas for characters were used in this series.

The first season really isn’t THAT bad. I would say there are enough halfway decent episodes to make the show seem promising from the beginning. It is unfortunate that the series didn’t get too much better in the future.

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