Star Trek: Voyager - Season 2 Recap

Season 2 is essentially very similar to Season 1. A lot of episodes early on in this season were actually meant to be apart of that first season, but were held off. I’d say that this season had some better episodes, including “Meld” and “The Thaw” two pretty good episodes of Trek.

But it also brought “Threshold”, the worst thing Trek has ever produced, and as far as I’m concerned doesn’t come close to being canon, so I think that counts for at least 2 bad episodes.

There are hits and misses, but I give the production team credit for at least attempting to build an arc in this season, even if it had mediocre results. The Seska thing could’ve worked better if she had not been involved with the Kazon, who are not only uninteresting makeshift Klingons, but they also have a terrible design. I liked the idea of one of the Maquis attempting to spy for Seska, but much like the bad behavior of Tom Paris scattered throughout several episodes…it always sort of felt tacked on and forced into every episode in which they appear.

So I’d say slightly better than the first season, but that unfortunately is not saying much.

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