Violent Tendencies

Story: Meld
Written By: Michael Sussman & Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

When someone in engineering is murdered, Tuvok gets on the case. An early suspect is a Betazed former Maquis named Suder. Suder is kind of creepy, and despite initially denying his involvement he eventually confesses in the light of condemning evidence. All facts make it clear that Suder is the culprit, but the lack of motive does not sit right with Tuvok. In order to understand this random act of violence, he attempts a mind meld.
When it first appeared in an early TOS episode, the meld was described as being dangerous…then melding just happened whenever. Here we see how dangerous it really could be. Tuvok’s meld has disastrous results when it brings out violent tendencies in hi in himself. It is a really good episode, and Russ gives a really good performance.

Thank god the episode following “Threshold” was able to undo some the damage to my brain. This show needed another good episode, especially after that nightmare.

NEXT TIME: Torres’ Maquis Weapon