The Last Stand for Kor

Story: Once More Unto the Breach
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

I think it is interesting that of the three TOS Klingons that were featured in DS9, only Kor…the first Klingon in the history of Trek, survived Blood Oath. He then went on to be featured in “The Sword of Kahless”, and now he meets his epic end here in “Once More Unto the Breach”, an episode that gives the man who helped create the franchise’s most enduring alien race, second to maybe only the Vulcans (but I’d say the Klingons have had the bigger impact on the whole).
Kor visits the station, and to no great pleasure of his own, he asks Worf for help. During this war, Kor has had no taste of battle, he has made many enemies and has very few friends and little impact on the empire these days. He can’t even get a ship for glorious battle. He wants a chance to be a warrior one last time, to die gloriously. So Worf asks Martok.

Martok HATES Kor. Kor has noble blood, Martok is essentially a commoner. Martok’s father wished for his son to be a great leader, but Kor was the only man to deny Martok this right, because of his family lineage. Martok of course started lowly in the ships, and eventually worked his way through the ranks to become a general, but his disdain for Kor lasts to this day. So Martok does not wish to help him now. But Worf kinda already signed him up, which is irksome to the general but he takes it. Kor is practically worshiped because of his status as the Dahar Master, which pisses Martok off.

But during their mission, Martok is temporarily incapacitated, and Kor takes command…and practically kills everyone. He is aging, and his mind is no longer as sharp as it once was. He slipped into his own past, believing he was taking out a Federation outpost with Kang once again. It embarrasses the old man. But they do manage to escape.

When they are making their way home they are pursued by Jem’Hadar ships, Worf comes up with a plan to stop them, one that will risk his own life in the process, but Kor learns of the plan and takes his place, managing to take out every Jem’Hadar ship by himself, and saving the lives of everyone else. He is a warrior until the end. It is epic.

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