Story: Basics, Part I
Written By: Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

Voyager intercepts a message from Seska, apparently she has given birth to Chakotay’s son, and Culluh is not happy to see it isn’t his. After careful deliberation, they decide to go after it; despite knowing it could be a trap. Well the Crew of Voyager once again prove what a group of idiots they are, because no matter how obvious all the clues that they are running right into the middle of a trap are…they press on.
First they find a wounded Kazon in a broken down ship. He gives them all the information they need to get to the trap…I mean where the baby is. Then they keep getting hit by Kazon ships that have no loyalties to any faction. But they all seem to hit them in the same spot. I wonder if this is leading somewhere bad. Then they finally run into some big ass Kazon ships, which kick Voyager’s ass. Somebody call Admiral Ackbar: It’s a TRAP!

So they get boarded by the Kazon and Seska (who is not nearly as dead as the wounded Kazon led us to believe…because it was a trap). It is Chakotay’s son, but Culluh plans to raise him as his own. Culluh says lots of sexist things, which lead me to believe Seska is going to do something in revenge next time, and then they strand the entire Voyager crew on a planet with some kind of big CG lizard and some primitive people.

The Doctor is of course still on the ship. Suder is as well (the murderer from “Meld” who makes a pretty good return in this episode). He was trapped in his quarters after the wounded Kazon blew himself up as part of the trap. So we got two people left on the ship and Paris possibly alive in a shuttle (he was going to try and get help from the Talaxians).

If only they could have seen this trap coming!

NEXT TIME: Voyager Season 2 Recap