Story: Twisted
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

This episode is boring. Boring boring boring. The ship gets caught in an “inversion field” and as a result the comm. systems are down and everyone is wandering around lost. The ship is essentially changing shape and no one can find there way around anymore. So as a result it is one long wandering through the halls scene. There is tons of technobabble that makes little to no sense, some dialogue in which the characters state the obvious, and a lot of awkward character moments that are always really hard to buy.
I don’t care about the whole Neelix-Paris thing in competing for Kes. I don’t see what Kes, or anyone for that matter, sees in Neelix at all. I don’t see why all B’Elanna ever does, STILL, is complain about every decision her higher-ups make. I don’t understand why Janeway tells Kim that he has exceeded her expectations…because he hasn’t done anything in this series at all so far that is noteworthy or been told to the rest of the crew.

I don’t really get the character interactions in this show. In TNG, DS9, and even TOS…the characters all have basic character backgrounds, but then relationships that make sense as a result. Dax and Worf falling in love makes a lot of sense when you consider both characters backstories, especially considering that the backstories were developed before either was on the same show. Geordi was an engineer, Data an android…their good friendship comes from this sort of common ground…and grows as a result. But why does Kes love Neelix, or Tom likes Kes…beyond physical attraction for Tom I see no real reason behind the love angle. Kes loving Neelix makes even less sense. He is unattractive physically but does nothing but whine, complain, exaggerate his own abilities, and act overbearing and jealous towards every action Kes makes.

I could write a book called “Everything Wrong With Star Trek: Voyager”.

NEXT TIME: Planet Hell