Story: Chimera
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

While returning from a conference in a runabout (what a concept…it has served Trek well since TNG) O’Brien and Odo encounter a space being, who turns out to be a Changeling. Way back in the first appearance of the Founders they told Odo that he was one of 100 that were sent out to explore the galaxy for them (or more likely spy on the progress of the rest of the galaxy for them). Finally, Odo has found another like him, Laas.
Unfortunately Laas has had similar experience with humanoids as the Founders, and as a result he looks down on them. He tries to convince Odo to leave DS9 to join him in finding the others that were sent out, and create a new Great Link…but while tempted Odo really cannot leave Kira or his friends on the station.

It is actually a great episode, which brings up some important points for Odo. It is one of his strongest episodes. It also showcases how much the Odo-Kira relationship really has matured. They treat each other as equals and they seem genuinely in love, not the sort of cutesy stuff we were given early on.

I also think Laas was well performed by J.G. Hertzler, the actor who portrays Martok. He somehow manages to say nasty things about our beloved characters and still come off kind of likable…that is no small feat.

The final scene where Odo shows Kira his true form is beautiful, both for the emotional element and the CGI that looks really great especially for a TV budget, and the year it came out.

All in all a solid effort.

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