Cardassian Missile

Story: Dreadnought
Written By: Gary Holland
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

Voyager finds a Cardassian missile in the Delta Quadrant, and it is soon revealed that Torres (for the Maquis) to attack a Cardassian target reprogrammed it…but much like Voyager itself it ended up in the Delta Quadrant. The real problem is the missile has locked on target, even though that target is 75000 light-years away.
So it becomes a battle between a computer programmed to fight off all attempts to stops its mission and Torres trying desperately to save millions of innocent people on a planet that has accidentally been targeted.

It is alright, but there are lots of pacing issues (there are moments that just feel like nothing is going on at all) and structural issues. Why is Tom Paris acting strangely all of a sudden? That plotline is brought up near the beginning and then quickly lost in the shuffle. Also we get that former Maquis guy trying to call the Kazon again and just tell them about the plot of this week’s episode. Seriously where is this going?

Like I said, it has it’s moments, but it just suffers from the Voyager disease.