Possible Explosions

Story: Time and Again
Written By: David Kemper and Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

What a crap episode. The prime directive has suddenly turned into this thing where even at the cost of the deaths of MILLIONS you just can’t interfere…even if your 75 years from even getting close to court martialed. Janeway and Paris end up in some weird time jump thing where they are like a day before some planet explodes. But they can’t help the people, they got to just leave.
All in all it just isn’t that interesting an idea, and the Prime Directive was done to DEATH in TNG anyways. Also Janeway is becoming aggravating as a Captain (or maybe its just Kate Mulgrew’s terrible Katherine Hepburn impression that she continues to speak with).

NEXT TIME: Lungs and Dilithium