Training the Maquis

Story: Learning Curve
Written By: Ronald Wilkerson & Jean Louise Matthias
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

Oh yeah we have both Maquis and Federation crews on this ship. I forgot. Because of the inconsistent writing. Well turns out despite the fact that sometimes they get along with no issues; people are still having trouble adjusting. So Tuvok is given the job of training the Maquis on how Starfleet works.
The episode is decent but rather predictable. You see what is coming a mile away. Ragtag Maquis crewmembers being trained start off rough, but then they get better, and eventually everything works out okay. Yay!

It is seriously predictable, but there are some okay moments that make it certainly watchable.

Oh and the B-Story is terrible…turns out that the ship is malfunctioning…because Neelix made cheese. FUCKING HELL.

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