Folding Space

Story: Prime Factors
Written By: Michael Perricone & Greg Elliot
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

Some weird creepy aliens invite the crew of Voyager for some creepy sexiness, shopping, and hanging out. But then Kim discovers that they have some advanced technology that could shave have the time off their 75-year voyage home.
But these aliens have their own version of the prime directive keeps them from helping Voyager. I like the idea of the Voyager folks being on the flip side of the Prime Directive, especially when Janeway seems to have NO CLUE how it actually works.

I didn’t like that the technology didn’t and never would have worked for Voyager, it is the beginning of a long line of no progress for this ship and this crew, the whole point of the show is getting home, but every opportunity to even shave a little off the trip ends up not working or doesn’t pan out or is forbidden by Janeway…so the show stays stagnant. Why not slowly get them closer instead of constantly keeping them in the same position?

This episode could have been a step forward for the show, but it ended poorly.