Cascade Bomb

Story: Jetrel
Written By: Jack Klein & Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

Neelix gets a bit of focus in this episode. That sucks. He is an aggravating character, an annoying figure that does nothing constructive on the ship. He is supposed to be a “guide” for the ship in the Delta Quadrant, but all I’ve seen him do is gripe, annoy, and cook terrible food.
Apparently he is meant to have a more dramatic role here. He was a survivor of a war, and a man he believes is responsible for many of his peoples’ deaths wants to examine Neelix to see if he has the disease that the doctor apparently caused, and to help him. But the war has plenty of harsh memories for Neelix.

It is meant to have some kind of Hiroshima reference, but even the writing staff seems torn on whether it actually is or not. So am I. The episode garners mixed results, it is not the strongest or weakest, but it definitely has a lot of problems.

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