The War to End All Wars

Story: Prototype
Written By: Nicholas Corea
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

This is interesting because it features a very different kind of lifeform: Robots. I feel the episode is for the most part solidly written, well performed and directed. I give the credit to Michael Piller who apparently was the only producer fighting for the episode and I give credit to Jonathan Frakes for doing a good job directing.
The Robots are interesting, and I like their style. They look unique and cool. I think the writing works because little twists about the robots are slowly revealed as the episode goes on. It also gave Dawson some acting to do, and I’m glad she stepped up to the plate and managed to shell out a decent performance.

“Prototype” is a good episode. It’s nice to say good and not feel like I’m saying “good for Voyager’s standards”. It is actually good…not great, it still has some Voyager flaws, which I chuck up to the lousy production team, but I think Frakes and Piller were able to put in enough effort that this one actually turned out pretty good.

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