B'Elanna Gets Split In Half

Story: Faces
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

Oh lord. What a goofy and silly idea. Torres gets split in half, one Klingon, one human. And guess who has done it? The same weirdoes that STOLE Neelix’s lungs earlier in the season.
Dawson gives a GODAWFUL performance in the fully Klingon make up…for some reason she thinks being totally Klingon means talking like a idiotic robot… "HOW…do you…KNOW…THAT.” She has the most aggravating pauses between every word. What the fuck is she doing?
The premise is stupid, the acting is terrible, and the whole episode just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Side note: I’ve noticed characters in this series have a tendency to announce their plans to each other in front of the enemy…and they don’t whisper. It has happened several times throughout the series, but I thought I should mention it at least once.

NEXT TIME: Ma'Bor Jetrel