Two Voyagers

Story: Deadlock
Written By: Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

Neelix literally works a pregnant woman until she goes into labor in the opening scene. I honestly don’t understand why he hasn’t already been thrown out an airlock. Anyways she then gives birth, which gets complicated, but they manage to beam the baby out.
The ship takes a route through some kind of sci-fi cloud to avoid being caught by those Phage aliens, and suddenly gets hit by proton beams which nearly destroy the ship, kill Kim, see Kes disappear and cause the accidental death of the baby. But suddenly we find ourselves on an unaffected Voyager. It seems the cloud they entered caused two Voyagers to be created, slightly out of phase with each other. One sent out proton beams, they were hitting the other.

They are able to contact each other and communicate their issues. This causes more problems when the phage monsters show up. They only detect one Voyager, the one that WASN’T practically destroyed. They board the ship and outnumber the crew…they are going to win. So Janeway of the nicer ship decides to self-destruct, and send her Kim and that baby over to the ship that will survive. The explosion destroys Voyager and the phage monster ship, just after Kim makes it to Voyager with the baby.

It is actually not a bad episode, it has our crew go through some tough shit, and has the ship practically destroyed which looks cool. It has some neat moments, but the sort of reset button that puts everything back to normal at the end is sort of disappointing.

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