Story: The Cloud
Written By: Tom Szollosi and Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

Janeway literally risks the safety of her ship for some fucking coffee in this episode. Then it turns out that she didn’t just risk her crew, she ripped through a life form, not a Nebula. The writing of this show is a mess.
This episode tries to give us lots of character moments but many fall flat or feel out of place. I just realized that a Vulcan security officer makes no sense. They are a peaceful race, but as a security officer Tuvok seems too violent, even in that position but especially for a Vulcan.

So this episode tries to get us better acquainted with all these characters but all it really does is showcase that nobody, barring the Doctor, is particularly likeable.

NEXT TIME: The Romulan Transmission